Dear visitor, the sole intention of this webpage is to ask for your economic aid to make me rich.

It is not that I have economic needs or something like this, in fact I have a quite normal life and I do not need economic just that I want to feel the sensation...
I only want to know what one feels being rich, I am not stupid and of course I guess that lot of people would like to be rich as well, but I would like you to help me out with this project.
This way at least one of us will feel the sensation...!!!!

If this works I intend  to tell you everyday how my life is changing, in the section "news"
so you will share the experience with me and I promiss to tell every progress I am doing.
Also if this works I promiss to reveal my identity, which for the moment I would like to keepo secret.

To make this idea work, your will to share this webpage with your friends and contacts and to collaborate with it, is very necessary and will be very welcome!!!

As you may imagine, small donations from all around the world will sum a big donation!!

To make a donation with paypal

Please, to make a deposit use this IBAN and BIC codes:


IBAN    ES86 2038 5509 5230 0051 5614



El propósito de esta pagina web es pedirte tu ayuda económica para hacerme rico...
si, así de es que tenga necesidades económicas o algo así..., de hecho tengo una vida bastante tranquila y no necesito ayuda economica... solo quiero saber lo que se siente siendo rico.
Claro que no soy tonto y me imagino que a mucha gente le gustaría sentir la sensación..., pero si colabora en esta idea, al menos uno de nosotros lo sabrá!!!
Si esto funciona os iré contando día a día como va cambiando mi vida...en la seccion "news"

Os agradezco vuestra colaboración en este proyecto así como la difusión de esta página web entre vuestros amigos y contactos!

Pequeñas cantidades de todo el mundo sumarán una gran cantidad!!

Para hacer un ingreso...

con paypal

con cuenta bancaria

IBAN    ES86 2038 5509 5230 0051 5614



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